Why your super is SUPER important!

Written by Luke Wade

It seriously worries me when people neglect their super!

Sadly, whether you’re self-employed or not, super is normally the first thing to slip by the wayside when things get tight.

Why help future you when you’re struggling to pay the bills today, right?

Well as I’ll show you below, the cost of not paying super on time is huge!

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10 reasons why you need online accounting software

Written by Luke Wade

Accountants have been banging on about ‘cloud’ accounting software for the best part of a decade. For good reason too; it was kind of a game changer – but more on that below…

Now, in the interest of full disclosure I think it’s important to point out that I’m a millennial – I love technology! Growing up during a time where change was everywhere, I’ve learned from my own experiences that accepting and embracing change and technology has had, and will continue to have, a hugely positive impact on my professional life. » Continue reading “10 reasons why you need online accounting software”

Single Touch Payroll

Whether you like it or not, Single Touch Payroll (STP) is coming; and when it does, it’ll be here to stay!

If you currently employee staff STP will be a game changer!

Remember back in 2000 when the ATO introduced GST (yep, once upon a time there was no GST); well, at the time the small business world kind of went into a little bit a tail spin. Basically, it completely changed what business needed to do, and when they needed to do it.

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If the business you’re about start or buy was a car, would your mechanic let you buy it?

Written by Peter Beckett

I’m obviously an Accountant by profession. This means that I spend the majority of my working days helping small business owners run, manage and understand their businesses.

Some business owners run good businesses, some run poor ones.

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Are your loved one’s inheriting a huge tax bill when you die?

Written by Peter Beckett

As a tax agent, over the past 30-odd years (it hurts me to write that), I have spent a lot of my time helping people with the following:

1. Complying with our countries over-complicated tax laws; and

2. Hopefully paying no more tax than they have too.

Point number 2 is generally what my client’s perceive as offering them more value. After all, not many sane people want to pay more tax than they need too!

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Super Amnesty for Employers – What it all means…

Just last week the government announced new legislation which provides a 12-month amnesty period for employers to self-correct prior super guarantee non-compliance without penalty.

In layman’s terms?

If you haven’t been paying your employees super (bad you!), you get a 12 month period, starting 24 May 2018, to pay the shortfall without the ATO applying their normally hefty penalties. » Continue reading “Super Amnesty for Employers – What it all means…”